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Three Pizzas from Pizzeria Beddia You Can Make at Home

How to have pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner this week.


Hey, I’m Joe Beddia. You may remember me from such breweries as Yards, Hitachino, Stoudts, or Boston Beer Works, but that was like a goats age ago.  Since then I opened a little place called Pizzeria Beddia in Philadelphia. And wrote a cookbook. I still don’t know which one took longer. No fancy bells or whistles, just a stone, a peel, and some well fermented dough.  It’s been a crazy ride but Pizza Camp is finally here and everyone is invited.

Our goal is to replicate the brick oven we use at Pizzeria Beddia, which absorbs and radiates heat, for baking in your home. I recommend using a good baking stone. A thick stone will hold heat better and longer. If you don’t already have a stone (or a baking steel), you can always go to a home supply store and buy a bunch of terra-cotta tiles. They come in all different sizes, so just get enough tiles to cover the rack of your oven. They’re perfectly square so they fit together really well with no gaps—just find ones that fit your oven. Those work—trust me, I’ve tried everything.

Adapted from Pizza Camp by Joe Beddia, published by Abrams c 2017



Breakfast Pizza: Sausage, Eggs, Spinach, and Cream

Great for breakfast, but to be enjoyed anytime.

Marinara and Anchovy Pizza

Much lighter than a regular cheese pie but definitely not less flavorful.