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Rosio Sanchez’s Rules For the Kitchen (and Life)


As pastry chef of Noma, Rosio Sanchez used to work sixteen-hour days; at Hija de Sanchez, her taco place in Copenhagen, she couldn’t ask her staff to do the same. Instead, her goal is to create an environment where people would be happy to work, even if working there wasn’t the only thing they did. These are the rules she gives to her staff as she tries to build that environment. They’re as applicable to everyday life as they are to the kitchen.—Ryan Healey

In my years of working I have found that the best way to keep everyone happy (including yourself) is to make smart and kind decisions that take all parties involved into consideration. From finding solutions with a co-worker or dealing with an under-appreciated guest, this business thrives on teamwork, humility, the consideration of others—and, of course, delicious food. When you can find the balance of these respectfully, the beauty of this industry can take your breath away.

There are many tense moments in any kitchen. Take a deep breath and always make rational and fair decisions. The result should be that you are offering guests delicious food and incomparable hospitality that you are proud of. You can’t have one with out the other.

Remember that your colleagues and guest should be treated the way you would treat a close friend or family member. Say hello to colleagues and guests when you see them. Welcome our guests and offer them a great experience just as if they were coming to eat at your home. We are welcoming them into our home.

The experience we create with each other and our guests is just as important as the food we serve. Ultimately, you should be conscious of every aspect of the business, it will make the experience that much better for the guest and for yourself. And remember to have fun!