Peter Meehan
Editorial Director

Joanna Sciarrino
Managing Editor

Chris Cohen
Associate Editor

Aralyn Beaumont
Research Editor

Ben Mims
Test Kitchen Director

David Chang

Chris Ying
Editor at Large

Ryan Healey
Web Editor

Emily Johnson
Editorial Assistant

Kristina Bornholtz
Social Media Editor

Rob Engvall
Art Director

Stephen Lurvey
Junior Designer

Gabriele Stabile
Italian Photographer

Brette Warshaw
Chief Operating Officer

Peter Romero
Director of Sales

Kate Neuhaus
Director of Marketing

Rachele Morino
Circulation Specialist

Michelle Curb
Business Development

Mark Ibold
SE Penn. Correspondent

Ryan Harrington, Jeff “Jeef” Sobieraj, Sofia Martins
Helping Hands

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