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We Are Still Lucky Peeps

We've got this.

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How do you like that for a first one hundred days? Jesus! Tied in a bow with the Malachi crunch of Paul Ryan’s healthcare for the dead and Steve Mnuchin’s trickle-down-oh-who-are-we-kidding tax plan. Thanks, guys!

You don’t need me to tell you that it feels like the road to sane governing is paved with banana peels. But, despite this abomination of an administration, we are lucky to live in this country. We just gotta keep fighting for it: organize, protest, volunteer, donate, call your representatives, run for office. Let’s take back the House in 2018. Let’s win back local seats. Let’s also check our voter registrations to make sure there’s no funny business going on. Have faith, America, we can do this. Now make haste.

This is the final installment of Lauren Garfinkle’s Edible Trump column. For more, follow Edible Government on Instagram.