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How to Make Pam Wiznitzer’s Bow & Blend

Making cocktails with Pam Wiznitzer of Seamstress NY.

Tommy Dewar was an innovative man obsessed with both his Scotch Whisky and prize-winning chickens. In 1894 he travelled around the globe to introduce the world to DEWAR’S, chronicling his trip along the way. To channel the brand’s history, we’re teaming up with DEWAR’S to bring you GREAT SCOTCH!, where Lucky Peachers Brette and Ryan travel around the country to gather Scotch cocktail recipes, Scotch Egg recipes, restaurant recommendations, and food-and-drink wisdom from chefs and bartenders who are committed to their craft. Let’s go!

Here, Pam Wiznitzer of Seamstress NY shows us how to make her cocktail, the Bow & Blend.