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Inside The Manufactory

The new project from Tartine.

If you live in San Francisco, or if you’ve ever been here, or if you’ve spoken to somebody who’s been, you dream about Tartine. You pine for your favorite pastry—the croissant, maybe, or the black-pepper gougères, or the rochers, the banana cream tart, the morning bun. If you appreciate bread made from super-hydrated and long-fermented dough—that is, most great bread in America nowadays—you can thank Tartine for that in some part, too.

Tartine’s owners, Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson, have developed an outsized global reputation from a relatively tiny glassed-in storefront located on a once-dubious corner in the Mission District. The bakery has been too small and cramped for their needs and ambitions for nearly as long as they’ve been open. Yet their devotees are legion and span the globe from Sydney to Copenhagen to Tokyo.

Imagine what they could do with a bigger space, a dough room, proofing chambers, a new oven.

We’re about to find out. Soon, Prueitt and Robertson will open The Manufactory, their new 6,000-square-foot bakery/ice-cream shop/pizza joint/restaurant/bar. Before they open the doors (and take over the world), we stopped by for a quick tour of the space with Robertson. —Chris Ying