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Meridio’s Italian-Made Leather And Eco-Friendly Apple Watch Bands

Meridio’s Italian-Made Leather And Eco-Friendly Apple Watch Bands

Meridio is actually now providing fifty% off each one of its Italian leather-made Watch bands and also even deeper deals on an assortment of its different add-ons. Called “where the powerful personality of Italian practice satisfies innovative technology,” Meridio bands are actually handmade in Italy by an old tannery in the Marche and also span all over a large range of distinctive natural leather treatments, irritable colorways, as well as extra apple watch series 6 bands 44mm.


Meridio’s Italian leather-made Watch bands can be found in a range of different colors, types, and also structures, yet initially allow’s take consider the Vintage band. This 100% produced in Italy Watch band is keyed with calf bone natural leather as well as “attracts its own ideas coming from the ancient type of our tanning practice: for a really Italian Apple Watch.” Some of the colorways possess a two-toned procedure along with sewn accents merely above the fastening and elsewhere.

Nappa Leather-Made Bands

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The Nappa Meridio Apple Watch band gives a clean as well as sophisticated approach. The smoother as well as a lot more minimal strategy on this highlights the stitched sides and what the firm describes as “flexible as well as delicate to touch type of leather-made.” These velvety soft and pliable natural leather bands are actually also observing huge cost drops at the moment as well as our company have noted several of our favored colorways below.

Trend 100% Recycled Sea Plastic Band

Besides the Italian style sensibilities and fee leather components, Meridio is actually likewise aiming to the future along with its most current environmentally-conscious Trend sequence. Created coming from one hundred% ocean-bound plastic and also offered in 3 colorways, the Trend bands were actually exclusively designed for Apple Watch Set 6 (although they will definitely work with all previous-generation models at the same time) and also are actually now available for simply $22, down from the usual $44.

Much More Faves

You’ll undoubtedly want to give the Reptilia line a deeper look for an also a lot more amazing natural leather Apple Watch band remedy, not to mention the Meridio Suede. This option is actually one of our preference of the number with a enduring as well as sophisticated layout. Available in a variety of colorways, the Suede band features a delicate, textured area that will look wonderful on anyone once they are through along with their everyday exercise.

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