what happened to kick ass torrent

What Happened To Kick Ass Torrents?

Kick Ass Torrents is a site offering many movies and TV shows for free download. However, some movies have been known to be distributed by this site with the use of pirated or illegitimate copies. Since Kick Ass Torrents does not own the rights to the movies distributed through its site, it is possible that […]

what order to watch all the marvel movies

What Order to Watch All the Marvel Movies?

What Order to Watch All the Marvel Movies? The discussion about what order to watch all the Marvel movies has raged for years. As people and critics have debated this subject, the answer seems to shift every year. Do you start at the beginning or go back to the beginning and watch all the Spiderman […]

How to Find Free Movie Streaming Sites

It’s a fact, movie lovers and movie viewers can do some major damage to their budgets by streaming movies directly to their PCs, laptops or mobile devices. Why pay the asking price of a monthly movie membership when you can have access to movies as long as you like for free? Why pay a few […]